Everything you need.

We weren’t kidding when we said Akdemia is the most comprehensive school management system out there. With over hundreds of features, schools that use us don’t have to use anything else, resulting in saved costs and great user experiences.

Save Costs

No need to pay for multiple, expensive services.

Great UX

Designed with love. Skip the learning curve with our great UX.

Useful Data

More integrated data used to provide you with amazing tools.


Simplify everything and use all that extra time to inspire minds.

Messaging that works.

Benefit from an entire messaging and email platform built right into Akdemia that makes sure everything you send gets to where you intended. Never worry again about an important school email for faculty ending up in the spam folder, our proprietary tech allows you to send mass emails safely.

Mass Email

Address your entire school or a specific class, grade or user group.


Segment your school users & decide who can message who.


As school admin, see who read or didnt receive your emails.

Grading that adapts.

Every school is a world of its own, which is why we built Akdemia to adapt to your needs and not the other way around. Configure which subjects are available to which grades, how many years and sections there are, if you’d like to evaluate them quantitatively or qualitatively, and the ranges for each score.


Useful analytics data to understand performance trends and insights.

Quantative & Qualitative

Grade however you'd like, whether it's 1 to 100, A to F, or 1 to 5.

Evaluation Periods

Configure the school's academic calendar to your own, or your country's standard. 

Classrooms you'll love.

Sharing and interacting with others is essential in creating an effective learning environment that can include everyone in class discussions and events. With our virtual classroom, everyone can be a participant in the day to day activities by allowing students and teachers to creates posts, share files and comment on each others activity. Like! ♥


Share anything you like inside classrooms with a wall post.


Comment on wall posts and create lively duscussions.

Class Analytics

See in real time how academic peformance is in a certail class, through time and in comparison to others.

Reports you'll want to frame.

Create beautiful individual or group reports adapted to your country's standard with just a couple clicks. And after you're done, print them or send them off as a pdf attachment to save paper.

Adaptable Standards

Reports that follow your country's standard, keeping official papers in check.

Adaptable Branding

Configure them so that they carry the school's branding alongside our beautifully designed template.


For every school of 1000 students that go digital we can save over 125 trees in paper.

Smart Calendars.

The school calendar is a fundamental piece that keeps parents, students and teachers up to date with everything thats happening. With Akdemia, we take calendars and schedules to a 2.0 level, offering you smart collaborative applications placed in the palm of everyones hand.

Monthly View

View all of the school’s monthly events, including community events, evaluations and birthdays that are relevant to you.

Agenda View

Have a closer look on what your week looks like, down to the minute- constantly up-to-date and filled with information.

Always in sync

Automatically updated and shared by everyone in the cloud.

Space for everyone.

No more emailing dropbox links and worrying about reaching your storage limits, Akdemia gives schools enough cloud storage to keep classes full of multimedia thats easy to reach.

Free 1GB per user

Enough to keep classes and homework full of multimedia content.

Share with others

Easily share files with other classmates and teachers, by setting permission or posting on walls.

You'll actually use it.

Schools are big, and sometimes getting everyone to adopt a new tool is really hard. With us, school admin have an engagement panel in which they are able to monitor the engagement metrics of every single user and activate tools to boost their engagement.

Measure everything

Full transparency. See how faculty, parents and students are using Akdemia.

Easily engage

Boost engagement of certain user groups with a couple clicks, inviting them to use the Akdemia, or asking if they need help.

Everything. Everywhere.

Our platform resides in your smartphone through our native apps for iOS and Android, or through our responsive web app that looks great in pretty much anything but a Tamagotchi. Everything, anywhere.

Device Agnostic

All you need is an internet connection and something with a browser. We don't care if it runs Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.

Push Notifications

When using our native apps for iOS or Android, you can receive push notifications that literally update you in real time of whats going on at school.

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